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Shortener System

This is shortener system is unique. In its basic concept, it offers $1.50 CPM for 35 views/IP in just 1 simple step. However, if you bring a minimum of 500 views in 1 day, you can receive a coupon that you can redeem within the system. With this coupon, we elevate the $1.50 CPM to $100 CPM, and the system accounts for 10 views at $100 CPM, which is $0.10 per view,

thanks to a unique coupon system, the maximum number of views per day can be expanded, which is currently 35.

Thanks to the coupon system, the CPM can be increased at the same time as the number of views. Please note that the coupon system is paid, but the Basic concept is $1.50 CPM 35 views / IP FREE.